Introducing a very special self portrait Babe of the Month series starring my ultimate dream girl, Brenna Marriie. The word grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this beautiful soul and her willingness to share her precious gift and art with me. You can find a short little interview with Brenna below, where it is no surprise that her brain is just as stunning as she and her work are.

Introduce yourself!

Ahh, I think I'm dancing somewhere between dreamer / curious flower-picking / bruised knees tomboy / feeler / observer. 

What does your dream day look like?

Ohmygosh I read this as, "What does your day dream look like?"...and now my heart is fluttery.

What are your self care rituals?

One of my favorite things in the entire world is putting a record on and lying on the floor doing absolutely nothing but existing. I connect to my mind in journals where my thoughts and feelings have no boundaries. I know my body deeply in the process of taking self-portraits where I document and spend time with every pore on my skin, the freckles the sun leaves on my nose like farewell kisses, and the scars that remind me of the days I have walked this earth gracefully just as often as I have fallen.  When I feel lost, I always find my soul in the crashing of waves at the ocean.

What are a few random things that you love and can’t live without?

Knowing there is light I haven't felt, and watercolor sunsets left to be moon-drunk on. Nights that turn into mornings, and the moment right before the sun wakes up when it feels like you can hear the world breathe in harmony. Knowing there is so much more to know. Wildflowers. The smell of cedar wood. Poetry. Uncontrollable giggling. Being anywhere naked, dancing-- or both.

What is one thing that would make you loose your mind (in a good way)? Professionally or personally?

Professionally - I dream of celebrating/documenting the incredible things people are capable of using their hearts and bodies and minds. I am completely blown away by humans and would lose my mind if I had the opportunity to do humanitarian work full-time. Isn't it beautiful to know we exist together, and to know we all understand ourselves and the world so differently? I'd love to dig into that and get my hands dirty documenting our shared existence and maybe capturing our differences somehow in a way that reminds us we are still human together at the very core.

Personally - I fall in love with everything all the time. Even the most simple thing--like a new tomato growing on the vine--reminds me of the ways life is magical and overflows my heart with joy.

What is important to you right now?

Speaking softly; loving loudly. Listening with open ears, eyes, arms, and mind. Being wildly in love, and figuratively (maybe literally) running barefoot through fields towards dreams without fear. Growing, rising, falling...


You can find more of Brenna's work on her website here and instagram here.