MUSINGS __  A shout out to Marlene Dietrich MUSINGS __  A shout out to Marlene Dietrich

MUSINGS __ A shout out to Marlene Dietrich

MUSINGS __  A shout out to Marlene Dietrich MUSINGS __  A shout out to Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich wasn't the first woman in the world to wear pant suits, but she sure is one of the most noteworthy.


 Marlene Dietrich in 1930's film Morocco wearing a tuxedo

1930, a promotion for "Morocco"



The German born actress made her American debut in the 1930's film Morocco  where Dietrich is a cabaret singer who dons a tuxedo and top hat, and gave cinema one of its first on-screen female kisses, creating quite a ruckus with the press. 


Movie Classics Magazine May 1933 Movie Classics Magazine May 1933


 In 1933 Movie Classic magazine ran the feature “Will It Be Trousers for Women?” Dietrich was listed along with Greta Garbo, Katherine Kepburn, Mozelle Britton, and Fay Wray as “among the stars who have lined up on the side of trousers for women.


1933, Movie Classics Magazine



"... I wear them to be comfortable, not sensational." 

- Marlene Dietrich



In 1933, Dietrich was traveling across the Atlantic on a steamer bound for Paris. When the Paris Chief of Police got word, he announced that if she wore trousers in Paris, she would be arrested. ***It's been ignored for decades, but trousers were technically illegal for women in Paris until 2013.


 Actress Marlene Dietrich in white suit aboard the SS EUROPA, in May 1933

Paris 1933, Marlene in her white suit 


Upon arrival, wearing a suit, men's coat, beret and sunglasses Marlene walked off the train, grabbed the chief of police by his arm, and walked him off the platform.


Kenneth Alexander 1936 from Obsession Marlene Dietrich The Pierre Passebon Collection Flammarion 2017

 Marlene in 1936, by Kenneth Alexander


Marlene Dietrich German Born American Actress and Film Star 1942 By Laszlo Willinger
Marlene in 1942, by Laszlo Willinger



"If I dressed for myself, I wouldn't bother at all. Clothes bore me. I'd wear jeans. I adore jeans" 

- Marlene Dietrich, 1960 in an interview with The Observer



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